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Our products serve customers within the Fire & Rescue, Defense and Security, as well as Industrial Fire Safety & Security

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Water / Foam Tender

From medium pumpers meeting national and international standards all the way to highly individual large tank pumpers

Hazmat Vehicles

Fully equipped for hazmat operations. Represents the complete and perfect solution.

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Water / Foam Tender

From medium pumpers meeting national and international standards all the way to highly individual large tank pumpers and special fire-fighting vehicles, we have them. Whether in a big city, in the countryside or in a forested area, in an industrial complex, whether a special application, they are made according to a standard or national specification. Fire-fighting vehicles that meet your very specific requirements.

Hazmat Decon Vehicles

Fully equipped for hazmat operations and represent the complete and perfect solution for this sector. Customized and customer-specific solutions characterize the HAZMAT vehicle concept.

Rapid Intervention Vehicles

Highly compact, maneuverable vehicles with limited gear and a water tank that varies between 250–800 litres (depending on the model and configuration chosen). Can be fitted with a stand-alone or vehicle-driven extinguishing system, such as a compressed air foam system or, for example, a UHPS or other HP extinguishing system.

Foam Monitor & Pump Trailer

A trailered foam and water delivery unit capable of various flows with interchangeable tips up to 10,000 gpm with ranges in excess of 400 feet depending on conditions. 

Aerial Vehicles & Air Crash Tenders

Mature and technically unsurpassed construction combined with exceptionally intelligent and reliable technology. Can also be equipped with outstanding ergonomics for more convenience when rescuing persons, extinguishing fires or providing technical assistance.

Special Vehicles

A wide range of special vehicles. Some of these are truly exotic. Many are absolute unique. Most are multifunctional. But all are optimised for everyday use, designed without frills or unnecessary bells and whistles, thoroughly pragmatic.

Recovery Vehicles

Can transfer items with a loading crane or clear operation sites, for example, after an accident. A crane behind the cab performs lifting and lowering tasks. Trucks can be towed over long distances using the integrated towing device of this heavy rescue truck.

Road Maintenance Vehicles

Special vehicles ideal for cleaning roads, car parks, large public and industrial areas. Designed for high performance in terms of load capacity and working speed. High reliability and low maintenance to reduce management and maintenance costs.

The materials used are made by leading European manufacturers certified ISO 9001, which adopt documented procedures to control production.

Road Sweeper & Compacters

Special vehicles excellent for urban waste collection with rear loading and eventual lifting devices. 

Miscellaneous Vehicles

Fire, Rescue & Safety Equipments

Steel Poles & Guard Rails

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